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Operation Hailstorm – 3 Hour Diorama – 1 / 700 Scale Ship

With so many friends and good folks doing diorama’s – its been a while since I have done one. Mine are very simple-trust me. I can say its been 2-3 years or more. So I challenged myself to do one in only THREE (3) hours. The pictures will speak for themselves. Enjoy!

John D.

Note: you may click on any of the pictures to get a larger image.


japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0010 japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0024s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0029s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0030s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0031s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0034s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0036 japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-002s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-006s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-018s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-022s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-026s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-027s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-039s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-007s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-011s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-016s japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-018-s-completed japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-020-006 japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-020-010 japanese-sub-tender-ship-1-700th-0038-040-020-013s


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  1. Carl Slater Carl Slater

    The idea is the ship is under water.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, My Favorit subject Truk Atoll – all done in 3hrs ! Totally jealous.

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