Spring Show

Special Categories

These are the 2017 Special Awards sponsored by an individual or company.
Some, like "Best Finish" are presented by IPMS-Seattle.
(Last revised March 17, 2017)

  • Best British/Commonwealth Subject in Memory of George Allen, sponsored by Robert Allen, Andrew Birkbeck
  • Best Canadian Subject sponsored by IPMS Vancouver BC
  • Best Submarine sponsored by Oregon Historical Modelers's Society
  • Best Bare Metal Finish sponsored by IPMS/Tacoma Green Dragon/Les Sundt Memorial Chapter
  • Best Small Air Forces sponsored by Mike Millette
  • Best Pacific War Subject sponsored by Tracy White
  • Best Figure sponsored by Northwest Fantasy Face and Body Art
  • Best Fire/Life Safety Subject sponsored by Seaside Fire Service
  • Best Street Rod/Custom sponsored by IPMS/PSAMA
  • Best Sci-Fi Subject sponsored by Galaxy Hobby
  • Best Military Subject in Honor of Dale Moes - sponsored by George Stray, Roy Schlicht, Shawn Gehling
  • Best French Subject sponsored by Djordje Nikolic and Jacob Russell
  • Best German Subject sponsored by Andrew Bertschi and Jon Fincher
  • Best Italian Subject - In Memory of Stephen Tontoni, sponsored by Will Perry and Ralph Braun
  • Best Japanese Subject sponsored by Tim Nelson and Woody Yeung
  • KaylorMade Award for Outstanding Kitbashing sponsored by Kris Kaylor of KaylorMade
  • Best U.S. Subject sponsored by Woldale (Jim and Donna Read)
  • Best P-40 Aircraft sponsored by IPMS Albany, Oregon
  • Best 1/72nd Bomber Aircraft sponsored by Fred May


  • a. Prior IPMS-Seattle First Place winning models are not eligible (except in Collections Category and Group Builds).
  • b. IPMS-USA National Contest Rules generally apply. Please see the Contest Rules link on this this page for specific rules for the Seattle IPMS contest.
  • c. Head judges' decisions are final! If you have a question please contact them.
  • d. Only one category per model.
  • e. Where classes are subject to interpretation, the entrant may choose the category;. Judge's may reassign models to a more appropriate classes at their discretion.
  • f. If your diorama is overly large, or has special requirements, please contact the show chairman prior to the show.
  • g. At the judges' discretion "HIGHLY COMMENDED" ribbons may also be awarded.
  • h. At the judges discretion categories may be split.
  • i. Judges wear ID tags. After awards are posted, feel free to discuss your results with them.
  • j. There will be One "Best Out of the Box" award per designated (*) category.
  • k. Models in display cases during judging will NOT be judged. No exceptions.
  • l. All Out of the Box entries must have the kit instructions on the table with the model to be eligible for an OOB award.