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Gallery Suggestions for Use

Please Note: Our Gallery viewer allows you to experience images of models in two ways.

Once you have entered a category, and have slide show images showing in "browse" mode, you may simply click on a picture, and it will be displayed at a slightly larger size in the middle of your screen. From there, you can move your pointer close to an edge of the picture and when you see an arrow, you may click and be taken either to the next picture if you are clicking the right-side of the image, or to the previous picture if you are clicking on the left-side. Or you may click off of the picture to close it and return to browsing the collection.


Conversely, instead of clicking on individual images, you may press the Start Slideshow button at the top of the viewer, then choose the sizing option you prefer (Actual Size or Fit to Screen), and select your preferred delay between pictures (2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, or 15 seconds), and then press the Play button. You may pause the slide show at any point by pressing the Pause button.

The Slideshow option generally shows larger images than clicking on individual pictures, and it will show captions for the images. The 2013 collection will often display the modeler's name. The images are largest if the Fit To Screen option is selected, and the visitor's browser window is maximized.